ElaProof Indoor is designed for indoor air sealing and radon protection

ElaProof Indoor is a ready-to-use one-component water-based coating for indoor air sealing and protection against radon. The unique elasticity and excellent adhesion of the product on various surfaces ensure safe and secure sealing.

ElaProof Indoor keeps joints tight when buildings and structures shrink and expand. In indoor premises, the product dries fast while forming an airtight film – enabling you to proceed to the next work stage without waiting.

10 good reasons to seal with ElaProof Indoor!

  • One product for indoor air sealing and radon protection
  • Elastic coating and sealing compound for most building materials
  • M1-emission class and Emicode EC 1
  • The best crack bridging ability on the market – 13,9 mm!
  • Resistant to water and frost, can also be applied to wet substrates
  • Quick and easy installation – available as hand and spray mass
  • Finnish quality product
  • An economical 1-component product
  • Excellent adhesion to almost all building materials
  • The product is solvent-free and has a neutral pH – does not require special protective equipment


It is vital to ensure clean and healthy indoor air both in new constructions and renovation. Sealing joints and air leaks and protecting against radon often prove to be the most critical aspects of structural maintenance.

ElaProof Indoor has been granted the Finnish M1 emissions certificate. M1 certifies that it belongs to a group of construction materials which are with the smallest amount of emissions.

ElaProof Indoor has also been awarded the pan-European certificate of products designed for indoor use – Emicode EC 1 and it bears the CE marking. Proper working methods and careful application in combination with the best building products ensure the best results.


  • INDOOR AIR SEALING: Blocking of air leaks and sealing of joints and lead-throughs at connections of different structures
  • PROTECTION AGAINST RADON: Radon sealing in floors, plinths, under-structures and basement structures supported on the ground, and jointing the structures


  • 5 and 15 litre buckets – white and grey
  • 160 litre barrels for professional spraying – white, black and grey

Download ElaProof information

• ElaProof Brochure (PDF)

• ElaProof Indoor Brochure (PDF)

• ElaProof Indoor Installation guide

• ElaProof Indoor DOP EN 1504-2 


  • Can be painted with most water-based, breathable and elastic paints.
  • Drying time: 3-4 h depending on the substrate (20°C, RH 45%, 1.0 l/m2)
  • Usage: Adheres to a wide variety of building surfaces – moist and dry.
  • Operating temperature: Above +10°C.
  • Spreading and amount used: 1.0 – 1.4 l/m2. The amount used varies depending on the roughness of the surface.
  • Recommended dry film thickness: for air sealing min. 0,5 mm and for radon barrier min. 0,8 mm.
  • Cleaning: Tools can be washed with water after use
  • Adhesion strength, without primer: 1.0 – 4.0 N/mm2 (depending on the substrate)
  • Water vapor permeability coefficient: 7.2 x 10-14 kg/(m • s • Pa).
  • Water vapor permeation: 20 g/m2/day.
  • Acidity (pH): 7.0 – 8.0.
  • Flammability: Does not ignite, does not flash
  • Storage: Product must not freeze. Protect from direct sunlight.
  • Storage time: 12 months (see package for manufacturing date)


  • ELAPROOF BASE FABRIC: Base fabric tape for sealing and reinforcing corners, angles and lead-throughs as well as for patching holes in substrates to be coated.
  • ELAPROOF PRIMER: A primer for the pre-treatment of porous surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Seals the small pores in the substrate to be coated and improves the adhesion of ElaProof. Especially recommended for concrete and other porous surfaces.